Please call us at (602) 448-1646

Chris & Stacy Schoenbeck

mar. 2017:

Evee Amaretto is due this month

& Mama Mia is due mid april.

if you'd like to be added to our reservation list please call or text me @ 602-448-1646

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All of our cats are hcm scanned annually by

dr. Whit Church, DVm, DACVIM (Cardiology)

All scans are available for viewing upon request

Welcome to Unique Sphynx & thank you for your interest in our beautiful hairless cats.

We take great pride in our sphynx cattery and our hairless beauties are a definite part of our family. Our cats are raised with love and affection. We only place them with families where we know they will receive the same love & affection they deserve. If you've never met a sphynx before and are interested, please contact us as we'd love to meet you and introduce you to a Unique Sphynx.

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